Our Purpose

To unite groups and individuals who are working to create public awareness of the conditions in South Africa. By uniting we will have a loud voice that will resonate with world leaders.

Our Mission

A global declaration of genocide in South Africa.

Development of Community Restoration Programs in South Africa

Our Method

To inform world leaders of the present-day conditions in South Africa through documents, news reports, images, videos, publications, petitions, and witness statements.

To unite with leaders in South Africa to bring meaningful assistance to all people in SA.

To integrate programs for development that will overcome a racial divide.

To educate and develop trade schools to improve the quality of life in SA.

To enact employment laws that are fair and equal for all in SA.

To work on trade development projects to improve the economy of SA including the value of the Rand.

Our Vision

To bring about a safe, peaceful place for all races to thrive in South Africa.